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Join Our Cooking Classes at Explorer Backpackers!
Enjoy Crafting a Variety of African Meals With Us. 

Join our tantalizing cooking classes at Explorer Backpackers! Immerse yourself in diverse African cuisines, from Mogodu to Suya, and embrace the rich flavors and traditions of South Africa, Mozambique, Nigeria and beyond. Expert guidance, hands-on experiences, and memorable meals await. Reserve your spot now and embark on a culinary adventure.

Mogudu, 7 Colours & Trifle  - R795.00 p/p

Experience South African culinary traditions with Mogodu, a cherished stew of tender tripe and intestines. The scent of simmering pots evokes memories of community gatherings. Our class offers expert guidance on crafting the finest tripe dishes. Explore the vibrant 7 Colors meal, a classic South African delight with an array of flavorful sides. Conclude your feast with a fruity, creamy South African trifle. Join us for an authentic culinary adventure

Starters: Mogudu

Mains: 7 Colours (Oxtail, Pap, Pumpkin, Beetroot, Creme Spinach, Gravy & Chakalaka)

Desserts: Trifle

Biltong, Potjiekos & Koeksisters - R895.00 p/p

Embark on a culinary journey with biltong, a uniquely meaty South African snack, rich in nutrients. Experience the tradition of Potjiekos, a slow-cooked Afrikaner stew that simmers over hot coals in a cast-iron pot without stirring, perfect for social events. Indulge in a sweet South African heritage delicacy: crispy pastry plaits fried to perfection and dipped in aromatic syrup, a tradition brought by Malayan settlers. Join our cooking class to savor these flavorful South African delights.

Starters: Biltong

Mains: Lamb Potjiekos with Rice

Desserts: Koeksisters

Suya, Jollof Rice and Beef Stew & Akara - R795.00 p/p

Experience Nigerian street food with Suya: skewered, spiced, smoky beef, served alongside onions, tomatoes, cilantro, lettuce, and lime juice. Discover a classic tomato stew, a Nigerian household must-have with tomatoes, red bell pepper, scotch bonnet, onions, and beef. Delight in Jollof rice, a West African staple, and Sweet Akara for dessert. Join our cooking class for these delicious culinary adventures

Starters: Suya

Mains: Jollof Rice with Beef Stew

Desserts: Akara 

Daltjies, Cape Malay Curry & Milk Tart - R895.00 p/p

Delight in homemade Cape Malay Daltjies, crispy outside, soft inside. Savor a one-pot Cape Malay Chicken Curry, bursting with unique spices, traditionally enjoyed utensil-free. Cap it off with a creamy Milk Tart, a delicate, milky treat reminiscent of custard pie. Join our cooking class and master these culinary treasures.

Starters: Daltjies

Mains: Cape Malay Curry (Chicken or Vegetables) with Rice

Desserts: Milk Tart

Tomato and Onion Sambal, Bobotie & Malva Pudding - R895.00 p/p

Discover sambals, a versatile condiment with adjustable heat, perfect for complementing a spicy curry or as a cooling side dish. Explore the history of Bobotie, a South African casserole with curried ground beef and egg custard, dating back to Dutch traders' influence. Enjoy the globally acclaimed Malva Pudding Cake. Join our cooking class for these delightful culinary experiences.

Starters: Tomato and Onion with Crisps

Mains: Bobotie (Mince)

Desserts: Malva Pudding with Custard

Mince Vetkoek, Kota & Sugar Cane and Fruit - R695.00 p/p

Delight in South African cuisine with vetkoek and curried mince, a flavorful twist on the traditional curry and rice. Vetkoek, crispy outside and soft inside, pairs wonderfully with spicy ground beef curry. Explore Soweto's student-favorite kota sandwich, a multi-layered delight, and embrace the health benefits of a daily fruit salad and sugarcane. Join our cooking class for these culinary adventures.

Starters: 3 x Mince Vetkoek

Mains: 2 x Kota (Atchaar, Chips, Sauce, Burger, Egg, Special, Salad, Russian & Vienna)

Desserts: Sugar Cane with Fruits

Tseke , Frango a Zambeziana & Gulaab Jamun - R795.00 p/p

Discover Mozambique's beloved and popular dish, featuring a plant with Central American origins. This simple yet flavorful cuisine is native to the Zambezia Province. The dish involves creating a marinade, replacing vinegar with olive oil, and infusing it with the richness of coconut milk. In addition, enjoy the sweet delicacy of Mozambican Gulaab Jamun, reminiscent of South Asian powdered milk treats, often found as street food or in local bakeries. Join our cooking class to explore these delightful Mozambican flavors.

Starters: Tseke

Mains: Frango a Zambeziana (Zambezia Chicken)

Desserts: Gulaab Jamun

Samosa's, Bunny Chow & Banana Bread - R795.00 p/p

Explore the world of savory Samoosas, deep-fried pastries filled with a spicy blend of minced meat, potatoes, spices, and veggies like carrots and peas. Perfect for breakfast, work lunches, kids' snacks, or an afternoon treat. Learn to craft this delightful snack. Savor the global flavors of Bunny Chow, South African street food featuring aromatic spices, meat, chickpeas, and potatoes served in hollow bread. This unique sandwich, no bunnies involved, often includes lamb, chicken, or vegetables, all packed in a bread bowl. And for dessert, enjoy the timeless comfort of banana bread. Join our cooking class to explore these diverse and delicious recipes.

Starters: Samosa's (Assorted)

Mains: Bunny Chow (Your choice of Lamb, Beef, Chicken or Vegetable)

Desserts: Banana Bread

Chicken Wings and Snacks, Shisanyama with Sides, Peppermint Crisp Tart & your choice of beverage - R795.00 p/p and Group Bookings Available

Discover the joy of Shisanyama, akin to a braai or barbecue, rooted in South Africa's townships. The term, derived from Zulu, means "burn meat," highlighting the cooking method over hot coals. Initially a weekend marketing tool for butchers, it's now a beloved social and culinary tradition. Indulge in a South African fridge tart, the Peppermint Crisp Tart, destined to become legendary in your household. Join our cooking class to master these South African culinary treasures.

Starters: Chicken Wings and Snacks (Crisps, Sweets, Popcorn etc.)

Mains: Braaied Meat with a side of Pap, Potato Salad, Green Salad, Chakalaka, Corn and Rolls

Desserts: Peppermint Crisp Tart

Drinks: 6 pack of Non-Alcoholic Beer/Ciders 

6 bed Female only dorm, en-suite bathroom, R360.00 p/p

Indulge in Ultimate Comfort with our thoughtfully equipped room: 6 extra-long bunk beds, lockable storage, full-length mirror, vanity table, reading lights, and en-suite bathroom with luxurious bathtub and shower. Book Now 

4 bed Female only dorm, unisex shared bathroom, R370.00 p/p

Discover your serene sanctuary in our vibrant dorm, designed for privacy and tranquility. Cozy up in extra-length single bunk beds, with a side arrangement for a personal cocoon. Enjoy convenience with a full-length mirror, vanity table, chair, and wall plug. Experience personalized comfort at its finest. Book Now

8 bed Mixed dorm, unisex shared bathroom, R350.00 p/p

Welcome to boundless space! Our vibrant room features 8 extra-length single bunk beds, lockable lockers, full-length mirror, vanity table, and chair. Enjoy comfort and fun with room for lively Twister games. Experience the ultimate haven of excitement and relaxation. Book Now


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